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Unbelizable – I can’t Belize It! by David Everett

August 1, 2013


It all unfolded in April of the current year, when twelve lucky educators would travel with gear.

Liz would lead us on our adventure there and Jason would provide his expertise, what a pair!

So June turned into July and the 23rd day, we’re going to Belize for a nine-day stay!

At the airport in Durham Steve was the first to arrive.

He definitely couldn’t sustain on onions to survive.

Wendy arrived, whom several had not yet met.

She was an all-around nice person who enjoyed the jet.

Laura was happy and her dad quite scared.

She reassured him by the comments straight from Liz Baird.

Kate was excited and ready to go.

You could tell by the way her face would glow.

Robin was soon to celebrate a memorable birthday.

It would be one she’d remember for a long time I’d say.

Carol was eager and ready to begin an adventure of a lifetime,

not a mortal sin.

Adrienne left her school in the hands above.

Her eagerness would be considered an act of love.

Bridget had come from the coast and quite glad.

She would miss her family but a birthday she’d have.

Meghan was sharp and prepared for the trip.

Her memory of species would make me flip.

Les-lee had an allegiance to her school.

Her bright orange colors were ever so cool!

Samantha was excited and had no regrets.

Surely in the tropics she’d see egrets.

And of course myself, shaking with fear,

I was so excited as I had prepared over a year.


The jet landed in Miami, then headed for Belize.

When we arrived we didn’t sail through customs with ease.

Mr. Nathan Forbes met us with the bus and shook our hands.

He and his driver loaded our bags to explore the lands.

Ms. Yolanda Eck joined our group,  Assistant Principal and teacher.

What a beautiful lady and a lovely creature.

“Bad Ass Bruce” drove the bus like a madman at times,

but he managed to get us everywhere without any whines.

We drove down the Western Highway with bliss.

There were birds, animals, and plants we would not miss.

We stopped to pick up our 14th guest,

Ms. Consuelo Smith was up for a real-life test.

Our next stop was Howler Monkey Sanctuary Preserve,

Geraldine gave us a tour that a king or queen would deserve.

Lunch was great and quite tasty too.

Nathan prepared it all, there’s nothing he won’t do!

We headed to Duplooy’s Jungle Lodge where the food was magnific.

On our first night there we had shrimp on a stick.


The next morning we traveled on the Mountain Pine Ridge, how nice.

The bus got stuck not once but can you believe it, twice!

We then saw Domingo Ruiz Cave, a great place to hang.

We sat in darkness and a song we sang.

After lunch we went for a swim at Rio on the pools

the water was chilly, or should I say cool.

Dinner was memorable as our night walk;

it would have made most Americans squawk.


Day three was started early for our morning walk

and toured Duplooy’s Gardens, listening as Nathan talked.

We rode the highway by bus and came to a bridge;

it was hand-cranked by passengers headed to the ridge.

Up the mountain we walked and what an upward slope,

it would be well worth it or so we would hope.

Xunantunich was spectacular, what a sight.

When I climbed it I shook in fear and fright.

After lunch we paddled canoes down the Macal River.

The water was cool and made us shiver.

Night comes quickly on this part of the earth,

even with how wasps give  birth.


The next morning we say goodbye to our Duplooy’s friends.

We toured the Belize Zoo with Sharon Mattola as she grins.

Her efforts are commendable and deserve great merit.

Perhaps a plaque with a diamond that’s 50-carat.

Next is a swim in Blue Hole for a refreshing dip.

Then it’s time to drive to the Jaguar Preserve on day four of our trip.

Our night walk was great with the red-eyed tree frogs.

It was so much worth walking through the swampy bog.

Before we head to rest our tired soles,

we noticed scorpions are fond of decks and holes.


Day five began quickly yes, at 5 AM.

Coffee was served by Nathan, what a man!

We see margay tracks and make a cast.

This way, Liz assured us, the moment would last.

After breakfast we board to bus to Monkey River School,

upon arrival we go to classrooms with our hearts and teaching tools.

The children are excited and smiled as they work.

Once we were finished we eat at Clive’s, what a perk!

That evening we visited the Maya Center guided by Julio Saqui,

we even practiced our dancing skills, oh me!


Day six began early with a walk through the preserve

and breakfast by Natalie and Laverne gave us energy to reserve.

Next we drive to Dangriga to Pelican Beach.

We have a lunch and hear from our followers who are trying to reach.

Our boat leaves the dock to South Water Caye.

What a beautiful resort, we were all filled with glee.

We met, we planned, and we took a snorkel or two.

By the days end we were all tired, well, perhaps a few.


Day seven began with an island tour just after dawn.

Nathan gave us a demo of coconuts cracking on the beach lawn.

First we go to the Whale shoals for snorkeling and more.

It was very interesting, far from a bore!

Then we head to the mangroves for snorkeling fun.

Small creatures we see, yes, one by one.

To finish our day to a fascinating sight

we all go snorkeling, you guessed it, at night!

A storm overnight woke us as nature called.

The rains soaked some clothing

but we were not appalled.


The next morning we relaxed and got to sleep in,

then at nine we were off to the Smithsonian.

After our tour of Carrie Bow Caye

another snorkel adventure, enough to satisfy me.



What an adventure this has been, so much to see,

from the depths of the ocean to the tops of the trees.

We will take our experience we gained in Belize

and integrate into our curriculum with finesse and ease.

To our friends we made here in God’s country of paradise,

it’s a location of beauty to be precise.

Thank you Liz for giving us this once in a lifetime trip,

we shall share our adventure through photos and our lips.

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  1. Russ Evans permalink
    August 1, 2013 1:07 pm

    Thank you again for a wonderful adventure to Belize ,James Evans and Loretta Evans have enjoyed every moment,thanks to the group of people whom allowed us to participate especially Mrs. Seamon ,Thank You :]


  2. KBaker permalink
    August 6, 2013 7:37 am

    So glad our David is back safe and sound! What an amazing adventure. Thanks for sharing it all of your adventures through this blog.

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