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July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Angie and Megan snorkle happy

Angie and Megan show off their “happy snorkel mask” faces.

The breaking of dawn brought thunder, rain, and a scramble for ocean-washed clothes. Upon reaching the island, most participants had washed their jungle-funky clothes in the Caribbean.   After the rain and wind, we retrieved our belongings and rinsed them out again.

Nathan led us on a walk around the island. Southwater Caye is a small place, only 15 acres.   We had an expert topic presentation on mangroves.   The mangroves are specifically important: they play a role in reducing the amount of erosion that islands experience. They also serve as important wildlife habitats.   While walking the island, Nathan picked a Noni fruit that was particularly aromatic. We saw Brown Pelicans flying and perching in trees. The frigate birds continued to soar around us. Along with the Pelican Beach resort, there are two other facilities on this small island.   As Nathan led us on our tour, Liz found an old pal, Nelson. Nelson is caretaker for a small part of the island. He was extremely happy to see Liz and Nathan. Nelson and Nathan gave a great demonstration on processing coconut.   Their demonstration, along with Cindy’s coconut palm expert topic made the morning.

lori drawing

Lori drawing in the group journal during our rain delay.

David sketching

David drawing a Spot Tail Butterfly fish during our drawing lesson from Susy

Our morning snorkel was postponed due to weather.   The teams had an opportunity to work on projects and journals.   We also had an art lesson from Suzy, with time to practice our drawing skills. The time was well utilized and enjoyed by all.

After lunch, the weather cleared a bit and we began our afternoon snorkeling excursion to one of the reefs.   The skies were purple and threatening, but we decided to push on. After finding a good spot to explore, we hit the water.   The ocean was choppy and the skies continued to darken. After a few minutes, we got back in the boat and headed back to the caye to try again later. In the time we had, some of us looked for shells or took a bit of much needed R&R.


some of the corals were spectacular.

We gathered at 3:30 for snorkeling off the beach where we saw reef squid, lionfish, parrot fish, Yellow Stingrays and a Porcupine Pufferfish. Some folks opted for kayaks or journaling during this time. We reconvened at 5:30 for the daily run-down of what we saw and experienced – what an awesome day we had however, it was not over.

Coggins and Lori with mask smiles

Coggins and Lori grinning after exploring the reef.


After dinner (ginger shrimp, mashed potatoes, marinated salad, and cassava pudding AKA plastic cake) we got to night snorkel where we saw Tiger Paw Sea Cucumber, needle-nosed fish, reef squid, lobsters, crabs, King Lionfish, Long-spined Sea Urchin, octopus, and bat fish. After our invigorating night snorkel we had some down time to work on our group activities, star gaze, and network.

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  1. Unah permalink
    July 29, 2014 5:28 am

    Sounds like you had an amazing time snorkeling! When Jason and I went for the first time to swim with nurse sharks and rays, we had to endure piercing rain during the boat ride then watch our guide throw bloody fish chunks into the water to draw these sharks. I thought I would not come back alive for sure but it turned out to be an amazing time. I was definitely glad I was not bloody.

  2. Andrew permalink
    July 29, 2014 8:13 am

    Love to see some pictures of the amazing ocean life and the fun in the sun you all experinced! Must Be Nice!

  3. Jaimie Rudder permalink
    July 29, 2014 1:22 pm

    It must be really amazing to see what is under the water while snorkeling but to get to go at night too…that is really something! I know there must be mixed emotions as the groups time in paradise is just about to end but what an experience. I wish I were there.

  4. Jake, Jessi, Cassidee, Ben, Ryan, Grayson, J-wan permalink
    July 31, 2014 6:08 pm

    Hey Mrs. Coggins, this is the Ten80 crew. Hope you are having fun. We are working hard on the golf tournament. We miss you. 🙂

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