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On to paradise!

July 26, 2015

The group eating lunch

We have arrived at the Caribbean after a fabulous three days in the Jaguar Preserve!  Highlights included finding a cat track on the path, Red-eyed Tree Frogs, watching hummingbirds in a waterfall, Dragon-headed Bug, Coffee Snake and of course visiting Monkey River Village!

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  1. Tony William Driver permalink
    July 26, 2015 3:10 pm

    Look at the happy faces and it appears you guys have not eaten yet! Nice to see that everyone is doing fine and learning much.

  2. July 27, 2015 10:22 am

    Wow, would have love to be there on my birthday, it looks absolutely fantastic. We’re fine had a great birthday, keeping everything low key. Enjoying time with Josiah & Paps, but zl do miss work also. Josiah and I had a jam session, he was playing the drums and I was on the keyboard. Josiah kept a nice beat that Aaron taught him, I was really proud of him. I was cooking the other day and paps and Josiah was watching a shark movie, evidently its was scary, he went upstairs and started singing praise songs.

  3. Lauren Fortune permalink
    July 28, 2015 8:55 am

    I have been sending comments to you to somebody I guest since I don’t see them. Just so happy to see you all are having such a fantastic time. Dena and the girls left yesterday to go to Phyllis. You are next but I don’t know when.

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