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Southwater Caye

August 1, 2017

As we woke to the peaceful sound of the surf, we realized that this change in environment was very different than the one we left behind on the mainland. Some of us met on the dock to watch the sun come into view on the horizon. A few slept on the beach, while others enjoyed a room that was free of jungle critters. Prior to breakfast, we enjoyed a walk around the island, noticing the beautiful palms and crystal clear waters all around us. After breakfast, we went for a morning visit to the waters to do some snorkeling. The fish and plant life below the water was beautiful and calming. A little time on the land gave us time to enjoy lunch, conversation about our experiences snorkeling and a chance to get ready for our next visit to the waters. In the afternoon, we boarded a boat that took us to a location in the waters known as “the Aquarium”. As we jumped in the waters, we were quick to find out that the name was very appropriate. We snorkeled for nearly two hours before heading back to the island. For many of us, snorkeling in the open waters, far from the land was a new and very unique experience……one which not be forgotten. Our nightly evening meeting was filled with discussion about protecting our environment, and what we could do as educators to be sure that the younger generations understand the importance of the need for conservation. Following a delicious meal, we headed out for some night snorkeling. For all of us, this was a first and for a few, our very first time in the sea at night. We met on the beach, grabbed our underwater flashlights and split into our groups. Our night snorkeling gave us the opportunity to see a barracuda, lobster, crabs, and and octopus. Following our successful trip into the darkened waters, we met on the dock to celebrate and to share our stories. We were thankful for another beautiful day in this tropical environment.

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